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This page contains answers to questions that have been asked by customers several times (more than once).

The page is constantly updated.

General Questions

Where can I find the latest documentation?

The newest documentation is always here.

This documentation website is the only place where you can find up-to-date technical information about our products.

We will update this content regularly to improve information and to make things simpler. So we ask you to read this information first.

Where can I get technical support?
  • If you purchased the product from a Reseller or as Part of a Project please contact your Reseller or Project Partner first.
  • If you purchased the product directly from Parametric use our Support Inquiry Form to contact us.
  • Book a Premium Remote Support Session
Why I do not get an answer within hours?

At Parametric, customers are supported directly by a small team of engineers.

Support is provided alongside the actual engineering activities. This can take a little longer. The answers are usually target-oriented. For this reason, we cannot offer telephone support without prior appointment.

How to get technical support faster?

There is a Premium Remote Support offer.
You can book a support session directly in the calendar of the support team. An engineer will contact you at the requested time to solve your issues remotely. This service can be paid conveniently with Paypal or Credit Cards.

This service is limited to products and services provided by Parametric. If there are problems with third-party products, services or software (including problems with Windows), we can help isolate them. There is no guarantee that every problem will be solved. In some cases an analysis or repair in our service center may be necessary.

How to become an Integration Partner?

Integration partners (Integrators) add functionality or services to a Parametric sensor and then resell it as an integrated part of a complete "turnkey" solution.

We do select our partners carefully as our support staff is limited. Therefore, we must assume a certain basic technical knowledge on the part of the integration partner.

You can apply for becoming an integrator for one or multiple LPWAN product families.

Becoming an integrator will give you the opportunity of:

  • getting access to our newest product developments
  • having access to marketing material including hires images of our products
  • having access to technical information and training
  • having access to our project protection program (be the first and only to offer for a tender)
  • creating white labeled devices (your name and contact is on the device)
  • having integrator prices

Techs only
Integrators are carefully selected to represent our products and services. A qualification process ensures that our partners have the necessary technical skills to integrate, deploy and support Parametric devices.

Therefore, we must insist on the following minimum requirements:

  1. Technical background with at least one employee with a university technical education (please name person and degree) and a technical understanding of HF and radar technology.
  2. Company has implemented at least 3 projects with LPWAN technology (please describe)
  3. You are able to support your customers during deployment, installation and operation (1st level support). Parametric will not be able to support your customers.

Prerequisite for starting the application
If your company meets the above minimum requirements, the next steps are as follows.

  1. Order a device to get familiar with a particular product.
  2. Once you are 100% convinced of the product and see the opportunity to integrate it profitably, move on.

Application process
1. Send us an email to with the following information:

  • copy of business registration so we can check your company status
  • 3 project examples
  • name of technical skilled person

2. Finally we will send you the Parametric Integration Partners Agreement to sign. This contract includes a non disclosure agreement (NDA) and regulates all topics and contains product family and discount levels.

3. Welcome as a partner! We are happy to go with you. Your success is our success.

Where can I find my Customer Number for submitting a Ticket?

Customers who have purchased the devices directly from us can report problems or questions in the ticket system. For this purpose, the customer number is required. This can be found on the following documents:

  • Quotation
  • Shipping Note
  • Invoices

The number always starts with a C, e.g. C9876

Customer Number

How does the return process work?

Parametric GmbH’s own products can be returned at the customer’s expense within 14 days of receipt. Excluded from the right of return are components specially ordered or manufactured for the customer (delivery items), equipment customised to the customer’s requirements, as well as software licences and 3services. In order to ensure smooth processing of returns, Parametric GmbH must be contacted in advance. For this purpose, we recommend that you submit an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation) request online. Parametric GmbH will provide the customer with a return address and RMA number. This address must be used for the return shipment. The return must be made within a maximum of 10 days from the date of delivery of the RMA address and the customs declaration “Return” or “Retoure”.

Parametric Analytics GmbH
RMA ____ (fill in the RMA Number we give you)
Lerchenfeldstrasse 3
9014 St. Gallen

Customs declaraion: “Return” or “Retoure”

Returns with full credit are possible for

  • Parametric’s own product range
  • Unopened original packaging
  • Return registered on time
  • Return within the time limit

Return with 10% deduction is possible for

  • Own products from the standard range
  • Opened but still original packaging
  • Unit is unused and shows no signs of use
  • All available accessories
  • Return registered in time
  • Returned in time

The return of used equipment is subject to inspection by our returns department and cannot be guaranteed. The amount of the credit will be determined after inspection by our returns department on the basis of the condition of the goods and will be notified to the customer in writing and will not exceed 80% of the purchase price. The customer may appeal the decision within 10 days and request that the goods be returned at his own expense.

What is the difference between NFC and RFID?

NFC technology is a special type of RFID technology. RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) identifies the range of technologies that use radio waves for data transmission. Four sub-categories of RFID are identified, based on the respective operating frequency:

  • LF (low frequencies): 125 kHz - 134.2 kHz
  • HF (high frequencies) or NFC: 13.56 MHz used in Parametric's RDR LoRa NFC/RFID Reader
  • UHF (ultra high frequencies): 860 MHz - 960 MHz
  • SHF (super high frequencies): 2.45 GHz

The NFC technology is that which operates at a frequency of 13.56 MHz and is the only one, among those RFID, to be compatible with mobile phones equipped with NFC. The LF and HF frequencies have a radius of a few centimeters, while the UHF and SHF frequencies have a wider range, up to several meters. If you are looking for UHF RFID Tags or readers, we recommend visiting RFID Trade

Can I get a RDR for testing?

We have a Starter Kit that includes everything you need. You can buy directly from the Parametric Online Shop.

Key Slip

Can I use RDR as a handheld device?

RDR is battery powered. You can use it as a mobile device if you like to.

Key Slip

Or you can open the lids and use the screws to fix it at a wall.

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What is LoRaWAN®?

The LoRaWAN® specification is a Low Power, Wide Area (LPWAN) networking protocol designed to wirelessly connect low energy devices to the internet in regional, national or global networks, and targets key Internet of Things (IoT) requirements such as bi-directional communication, end-to-end security, mobility and localization services. Read more...

Do I need a LoRaWAN® ?

This is a connected device (sensor). The LoRaWAN® connection is used to transmit data to a server at regular intervals having a real time coverage of the traffic situation.

Do I need to run my own LoRaWAN® ?


There are professional LoRaWAN® Networks Providers with fully managed offerings including support. Ask Google to find such a provider in your area.

Should I operate my own private LoRaWAN®?

It is possible to run private LoRaWAN® networks including own LNS and Gateways. Although we do not recommend it and won't be able to support it. If there is no professional provider in your area this might be the only option to operate TCR traffic counters.

Take following advice based on our experiences:

  • Use only quality LoRaWAN Gateways from famous manufacturers such as Tektelic or Kerlink.
  • Use Loriot Free Community Public Server to get started. Later you can switch to Professional Offering. is good software. We did not see major issues so far.
  • Use ThingPark®. ThingPark® Enterprise is an IoT connectivity management solution allowing to deploy a dedicated and fully controlled LoRaWAN® network for a fast use case enablement.
Can I use collaborative LoRaWAN® networks?

We do not recommend using community operated LoRaWAN® networks for professional applications. (Would you like to fly to mars with a RaspberryPI controlled rocket!?)

Why we do not recommend it?

  • There is nobody you can contact except "the community".
  • Coverage of community networks is not guaranteed. Gateways can be switched on or off at any time changing the whole coverage map.
  • Usually these networks are based on very limited hardware.
  • Limited knowledge on building wireless networks including the selection of suitable locations and antenna optimization.
Can I use The Things Network (TTN)?

Technically yes, but we do not recommended it.

The Things Network (TTN) is the free community network, that’s mainly operated by TTI on best effort.

There is a Fair Use Policy which limits the uplink airtime to 30 seconds per day (24 hours) per node and the downlink messages to 10 messages per day (24 hours) per node.

You may get support from volunteers, at the TTN forum but they cannot access the network servers to analyze or fix anything.

Due to TTN is very limited we do not recommend using it together with our products because it restricts the functional potential.

Do you provide payload decoder example code?

We have a public repository where you can download a payload decoder code examples as a starting point to write your own decoder.


Where can I find the LoRaWAN® keys?

You find the LoRaWAN® Keys Slip on the inside of the box. This slip is printed out during the production of the device and contains device-specific data.

Key Slip


How long do the batteries last?

Depending on the battery type and the number of scans as well as the LoRaWAN reception quality, the batteries can last up to one year. You can use our RDR Energy Consumption Excel Sheet to calculate your specific energy consumption.

Why are new batteries empty after a few days?

If you are running your RDR on batteries you should update the firmware to V1.4.2 or newer. Click here

Other reasons why the battery may drain faster than planned:

  • Device is not registered to a LoRaWAN yet. In this case RDR will re-join the network over and over again
  • Poor LoRaWAN coverage forcing the device sending in a low data rate
Why scans are not instantly transmitted?

Duty cycle limitations in Europe are based on the ETSI rules and recommendations on using the ISM radio band. In basic terms, the rules state that electronic instruments can only transmit over the air on a given frequency for a certain amount of time.

This may limit the uplink rate. RDR will save all scans in internal memory including a timestamp. Then the device will send the records as fast as possible.

Do you provide payload decoder examples for RDR?

We have a public repository where you can download payload decoder code examples for decoding RDR payloads.



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